I was born and raised in Sri Lanka, a tiny and extremely beautiful island in the Indian Ocean. Proudly, my home town of Kandy is a UNESCO named world heritage site. Today, I am a professional photographer in Tampa Bay area where I live with my lovely wife, Udari.img_5219-edit

I fell in love with photography in primary school and relentlessly took images of my friends and family. I love to photograph people and capture the essence of their souls in my pictures – I study their feelings, gestures, and moods. Every human being is unique. One of my favorite photographers, Joel Grimes once said, “You’re unique. One of a kind. There’s no one on the planet just like you.”

My 2015 new year resolution project, the 52 Week Photo Challenge started as a personal motivation to photograph 52 people in 52 weeks. To extend this challenge to others I created a Facebook group that now has over 4,500 followers from all around the world.

I am a traveling freelance photographer and I provide portrait, event, lifestyle, product, architectural, and editorial photography.