I am Chathura Jayasinghe (CJ), a traveling professional photographer with 12 years of experience. I was born and raised in Sri Lanka, a tiny topical island in the Indian Ocean. I moved to the United States in April 2012. I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Photography from The Art Institute of Michigan in 2015.

After completing college, I moved to Tampa FL and that’s where I live now with my wife Udari. I am a very creative, personable, easy to work with, and energetic photographer.

Chathura Jayasinghe. CJ Photo & Design.

I started experimenting with photography when I was in primary school. I remember taking photos of nature and my family with a film camera my father used to own.

I love to photograph people—studying human feelings, gestures, and moods has been a lifelong hobby of mine. Every human being is unique. Every time I have a person in front of my camera, I strive to search and capture that uniqueness.

I love lighting—it’s amazing how light and shadows help us to create mood, texture, and dimension in photography. That inspired me to experiment and extend my services into other types of photography such as event, lifestyle, food, product, and architectural photography.

I love challenges—photo shoots present me with new challenges and problems to solve. I enjoy this so much and I am always looking forward for new challenges that my next photo shoot brings to me.